Saturday, 5 September 2015

21 days here: school, friends and I'm happy

Heyyy guyss.
Sorry for the absence but here I'm always busy, I have to do a lot of things (and study a lot...).
Fortunately I've found some time to talk to you about my life in Scotland.
The school is amazing: the level is really difficult (like Physics omg) and at the end my subjects are Geography, Maths, Physics, English and French (all Highers). At the end of the year I'll sit the exams and they'll be (maybe) useful for my future.
I've already some friends: I know it seems impossible because all the people say "In UK they are really cold, you need only a year to start speaking to them!" but, I don't know if it's only my school (I don't think so), the people come to speak to me.
I can't really say that they are my friends but, you know, for now I have a lot acquaintances.

Finally my Scottish sister arrived and I can't be happier than this! She's perfect and she always makes me laugh (and she enjoyed my gift).
For the moment I have a really good relationship with all the members of my host family (and no, dear readers, they don't host for money, if you like UK but you're not really sure about the fact that families are paid, go and these doubts will disappear!).

I'm here since 3 weeks and only now I can really feel that my English is starting to improve: at school I understand everything and my speaking skills are getting better everyday! I've already learnt a lot of new words  ;). Sometimes I think in English and sometimes in Italian and the result is a headache at the end of every day.

Every week I have a skype call with my family and for now, luckily, I'm not homesick; I hope I won't be homesick but I think that that moment will arrive also for me.
I'm starting to see and understand how much I'm important for my Italian friends/family and I couldn't be happier: this experience is also helping me to understand who cares about me.

Dear future exchange student, you'll have a busy life abroad.

Bye for now, I have to study Physics for a test :(.
(On Monday I'll start the drama club yayy, they told me that a lot of people go there and it'll be a good chance to make more friends).
(If you have any doubt or some ideas for future posts feel free to ask!)

Random facts:
1. They asked me if I speak Italian.
2. They don't really understand why I'm here.
3. I had a French test and it was about the PRESENT (fortunately it was only a review)
4. My Geography teacher asked me if in Italy I go to an international school
5. Here it's strange that you speak a second language really well fans everybody is astonished of my English ahaja.
6. In the bathroom the sink has two faucets (one for hot and one for cold water, lukewarm water doesn't exist).

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