Tuesday, 25 August 2015

10 days here.

Dear readers,
I'm not really aware about all of this but let's start.
I'm here from a 10 days so a lot of things have already happened.
I've already been to Edinburgh twice and it is sooooooooooo goood and magic, I think it's the best city ever! (Today we went up to a hill and the view was breathtaking).

I love Scotland.

•My host family is perfect: I love when my hmum gives me a cup of tea; I love when she asks me about my day at school and if I'm OK. She's always really kind and I can speak to her about everything! Also my German hsis is enjoyable and funny and I usually spend a lot of time with her (the other hsis is away now so I've never met her, looking forward to her arrival).
•School started on 19th August and I took English Maths Physics French and Engineering (I have to change this one because is too much difficult: I've never done things like electronics in my life and I don't like them ahah). Here I also have two obliged hours of PE and (I don't) like them :).
The level of the subjects is Higher and they are realllyyy difficult! In Maths I think we are doing something of the IV year of high school in Italy. I have 6 hours per week for every subject so I can study them very well.

•Perth is amazing and I love it. It has a lot of stuff to do and has a big train station so I can go wherever I want.

•The Scottish accent isn't too bad! I can understand more or less everything (thanks tv series). I can always say what I want to say even if, sometimes, I have to think for a while.

This Sunday I'm meeting all the other exchange students here in Scotland for an orientation!

Sorry for the short post but I don't really have time here! I don't know when I write the next post, I hope soon.
Bye for now.
~Tommaso (here I want they call me tom because they can't pronounce my name!)

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