Monday, 23 November 2015

100 days here

As I promised here the post after 100 days in Scotland.

It's 100 days that I'm here and I'm only starting to understand now how much this experience is giving to me.
Dear friends, if you have the possibility leave Italy/Scotland and go to another country!
It's not only for learning perfectly another language (that is so cool and give you a big gap within you and the others in terms of jobs opportunities) but it's what you learn and how much you change.
Learning how to deal with your parents more than 1500 km away from you (in the best of the cases!); learning how to make friends in another country, trying to overcome the cultural differences; learning how to study and do well in another language with a school system completely different from yours; learning to know who you really are, who do you wanna be and who you don't want to be;  learning to do the washing up and to grow up fastly.
Yes it's not only for the language that I decided to leave Italy, it's for everything written up here and much more.
And dear people, the exchange year it's the only experience that makes you grow up so fastly, that allows you to make friends from all over the world, that gives you a lot of feelings, sadness and homesickness but also happiness and proudness; how cool is it to have an headache because you always speak a language that it's not yours?
Dear friends leave your warm nests and discover the world!

I didn't know that this experience was so overwhelming and so difficult but also so full of amazing people and moments; I didn't know Scottish people were so kind and so warm and it's not so difficult to make friends; I didn't know what did hard and difficult mean.
I didn't know anything.

Just take a breath, dead reader, and


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