Friday, 25 December 2015

First Christmas without family

Merry Christmas dear readerrrrsss, I hope you passed this day with happiness and fun.

Before this day I always tried to not think about that. I think I was one of the less Xmasy guys this year and probably it's true.
Christmas is family. Family is love. But, hang on, actually my family is in another country at the moment and I haven't seen them since August.
Yess here the issue. I wasn't completely ready to this day, I kept repeating in my mind to not compare anything because it's the wrong mood and an exchange student should not do it.
But is it Christmas without going to church at midnight?  Or without "Trading places" on Italia 1 (an Italian channel)? Without the big lunch with 378 courses that you have to be ready to it days before? Any Pandoro or Panettone (that I hate but I eat it to make my grandparents happy) this year? Your uncle who asks you about your girlfriend, where is he? Your little cousin who is growing up as fast as bean (can you say that?!)?
Yes it is still Christmas, but it's completely different and dreadfully difficult to deal with it.
Here in Scotland Christmas is alike the Italian one, with some slight differences. Firstly you don't get only one big present, but many little ones. Secondly CRACKERS (I'll also add a picture, from them you get a crown a joke and a tiny present, soo funny). You normally eat Turkey and mince pies (no they don't have mince in them, they actually have raisin spices and they are so goood, even if I don't like raisin).

To be honest it's been such a good day and I had fun even if I've always been homesick (as it was expected to be). The Christmasy period is really hard during an exchange year (thanks WEP to having informed us from the off <3) but I've understood that I have become so strong and self confident that I am also able to deal with situations like this. With the absence of a normal Christmas with my family I've figured out how much this event is important for me and I am really looking to the next Christmas, I'll surely appreciate ways more everything around me.

I am so grateful to had the opportunity of doing this experience.
It's so true when they say that you really understand the worth of things when they are not with you.

Byee guyss
See yaa soon! :)

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